Fragment 1: A Neutral Environment

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In order to familiarize yourself with the way the lessons in this course are presented, please take a look at these fragments. You will notice that the presentation is designed to not be too overwhelming or intrusive, without distracting gimmicks or unnecessary trappings, and with animation used only where this serves a functional purpose.

Fragment 2: Progressive muscle relaxation

The course includes a lesson on ‘healthy lifestyle’. Various topics are discussed, including sleeping better, moving more, eating well, smoking, alcohol, and relaxation. In this fragment you can see (and experience) a bit of the progressive muscle relaxation exercise the virtual teachers Tom and Anna will teach you to help you relieve stress and anxiety in your day to day life. This is just one of the many exercises and techniques you will learn in this course.

Fragment 3: Light Animation

Throughout the course various aspects are illustrated or explained on a simple blackboard, adding easy to follow visuals to the explanations given by the virtual teachers Tom and Anna. In this fragment Tom and Anna talk about the relationship between events, thoughts, feelings and behavior, and are backed up by the basic animation on the course blackboard.

Fragment 4: Thought-provoking electronic forms

In every lesson electronic forms are used to help the student change his thoughts from gloomy and past-oriented to optimistic and future-oriented. Here is an example from one of the lessons.